Ethiopian Coffee

Coffee farming began in the 10th century in the Ethiopian plateau. Coffee name was derived from the local word “Kaffa” which is the name of a region where coffee farms are found. You will get the opportunity to learn more about the origin of coffee and test the best coffee as you witness the processing from dry beans into a hot cup of steaming coffee.

Day 1: Addis Ababa

On your international arrival, a drive to Addis Ababa for your hotel checkin and thereafter go on a city tour, enjoy some coffee in the city, experience the processing of the beans; the washing, roasting, grinding, and testing. You will visit “New Flower” a name given to Mount Entoto where the first capital used to be, over looking Addis Ababa. Thereafter, visit National Museum, Mercato (the largest open air market in the region).

Day 2 : Jimma

Fly to Jimma, an important destination where coffee is commercially produced. A visit to Jimma market, Jimma museum and learn about Abba Jiffar, one of the kings of the Jimma region. Learn about the Oromo people and the local cultures.

Day 3 : Bonga

Enjoy a hot coffee breakfast and begin a drive to Bonga through Kaffa region the origin of Arabica type of coffee. Check in to your hotel and drive to marvelous Tatmara coffee plantation and experience the commercial production of coffee.

Day 4 : Mankira

Enjoy coffee breakfast and depart for Mankira the birthplace of Arabica Coffee, this strain of coffee was discovered here. On the way, you will visit Ancient Adaracha Medhanealem Church and Natural Bridge Gurguto, meaning God’s Bridge.  Drive back to Jimma.

Day 5 : Drive back to Jimma airport for your return flight to Addis Ababa. Back in the city you will be drive 45km to a collection of crater lakes in Debre Zeit. Here you will relax and enjoy the lake sceneries and a beautiful climate.
Transfer back to the city for overnight stay or your international depature flight.

End of Program